Many of us got a little too used to unhealthy takeaways during the lockdowns. One Walthamstow-based chef decided to change that by cooking up delicious, sustainability-focused meals. 

How we helped


Our choices were inspired by the bold typography of American smokehouses and the confident, youthful positioning of emergent sustainable food brands.

The beige and burnt orange colour combination represents a more artisanal take on a traditional fast food palette, while also evoking the Slow Food movement.

Web Development

We designed and developed a custom Shopify theme. This allowed for Slowburn's menu to appear on one, easy to navigate page.


We went for a self-assured and contemporary tone of voice, looking to emphasise Slowburn's earnest yet unconventional approach to takeaway food.

Local promotion

We designed bright flyers and posters that used a pattern based on the roof of the building where the food is made, Blackhorse Lane Atelier. This served as a visual shortcut to situate Slowburn firmly within the local psychogeography.

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